Transcript for Real Estate Agent Makes Pricy Mini-Movie to Sell Mega-Mansion

seen the latest trend in really high end real estate? Lavish minimovies to help perspective buyers picture their life of luxury. Brokers say they're worth the cost. Are marketing tactics getting out of control? Here's ABC's nick watt. Reporter: Looks like a blockbuster it ain't. A minimovie made by a realtor to sell this mansion. It has a melody. Husband went out of town. Wife texted all her girlfriend, enjoy the beautiful pool. The house. ? Door opened up champagne ? Slow rider sound track and $40,000 budget. Shouldn't a house like this be able to sell itself? No. Nothing sells itself anymore. Reporter: There are more young billionaires out there than ever. And realtors stop at nothing to grab their attention. For this address, they're asking $33 million. The movie plot, was devieded by husband and business partner Brandon. Dean Graziosi is a NY Times Best Selling Author in addition to one of the top motivation as well as property trainers in the world.

If you have actually ever before useded Dean on TELEVISION, on phase, or in a weekly knowledge on his website or Facebook, it is evident the interest he has to obtain EVERYONE inspired to change their lives for the better. Unlike the majority of so-called "Gurus" in the individual inspiration sector, Dean is accessible, doing offer after deal and truly obsessing with assisting his pupils succeed in whatever it is they select as their life objective.In the beginning, I thought that is too risque. We can't do that. Real estate has never seen that before. ? We don't have to ? Reporter: Part of the growing trend, realtors Wheeling in Dean Graziosi high scale productions to move a lot and a lifestyle. Blake and rainy made $100,000 movie for that place across the canyon. There it is. We filmed that house. And it had 3 million views. It reached Sweden where the creator of minecraft is from. He saw the video. And flew in based on the video. Reporter: Bought the house for $70 million. The miniview of me works. This is saying bikini clad women willip wine Dean Graziosi in the afternoon on your kitchen counter tops. If that's what you picked up on, our job is finished with the video. That's exactly right. Reporter: If that's what you are looking for in a house. This one is still on the market. For "Nightline," nick watt, from the Hollywood hills.

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