Transcript for Biggest Black Friday Online Deals

R2-d2 sounds a lot like you, Dan. Where to score the best deals and how to get strategic, we have answers this morning. ABC's Becky Worley joins us from San Francisco with all of the secrets. Good morning, Becky. Help us out. Reporter: Good morning, Paula. Yeah, the visit our website big news this black Friday, the online deals are final finally comparable to the in-store deals. Walmart says 96% of the deals they offer in store are also available online and that 4%, it's mostly limited inventory doorbusters that have already come and gone. What's new we're seeing retailers push shoppers to mobile by offering app only deals. One I saw, Rebecca Minkoff bag, 55% off. So walk us through some of the other deals and tell us if we should wait for clothing for cyber Monday. Yeah, today is the day. Let's start with phones. Buy a phone today if you need one, the Samsung galley s6, their note 5 both only a penny at target. Love those. Also at target, apple watch deal. $349. That's list but bundle it with see here a $100 gift card. Staying on apple, the mini 4, 399 at meijer bundled with a $125 gift card. Kindle fire tablet, $35, that's just insane and you asked about clothing, Kenneth Cole, 50% off. The gap 50% off. Cole Hahn, 30% off. Some may be more discounted on cyber Monday but lots more we'll dig into. I know all the info is on our website online at "Gma" on Yahoo! See you in a little bit.

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