September 8, 2010: Remarks upon United States Associated With America Foreign Policy"On the economical front, we've expanded our relationship along with APEC, which include four of America's top trading partners and also receives 60 percent in our exports. India, pertaining to its part, offers concluded or will soon conclude new bilateral economic partnerships along with Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, as well as others. We've encouraged India's "Look East" policy as a approach to weave yet another big democracy to the fabric of the Asia Pacific. November 10, 2011: America's Pacific Century"There will be new momentum within our trade agenda with almost all the recent passage with the U.S.-Korea Free Associated With Charge Trade Agreement and our ongoing function on a binding, high-quality Trans-Pacific Partnership, the particular so-called TPP. Vietnam has been a young entrant towards the TPP, and we're hoping we are able to finalize the particular agreement this year. This kind of starts using subsequent by means of on what can be often referred to as our pivot towards the Asia Pacific, probably the particular most dynamic region within our rapidly changing world. exports and creating work at home. That's why we're working using APEC; that's why we're creating the actual Trans-Pacific Partnership. November 7, 2010: Speech and Townterview using Australian Broadcasting Company"To continue this progress, we have been both pressing forward on one thing referred in order to as Trans-Pacific Partnership. As Well As we think it's imperative that individuals continue to build an economic relationship that will addresses the entire hemisphere for the future."

4. I know you could find difficult concerns in order to function out, as there usually tend to be with 1 regarding these agreements, yet Malaysia's leadership on this region for higher economic growth can be absolutely essential."

39. November 2, 2010: Secretary Clinton's Meeting using Kuala Lumpur Embassy Staff and Their Particular Families"And I believe we have tremendous possibilities here. Final yr it had been a lot more than $15 billion. Along With if we don't obtain it, there should be absolutely no deal."

42. those goals will probably be front as well as middle when we host your Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum throughout Hawaii later on this year."

33: November 7, 2010: Remarks from U.S. Holbrooke Lecture on the Broad Vision regarding U.S.-China Relations in the 21st Century"We tend to be using actions to become able to ensure which our protection posture reflects the particular complex and also evolving strategic environment within the region as well as we have been operating to always be able to ratify a free trade agreement together with South Korea as well as pursuing the regional agreement via the actual Trans-Pacific Partnership to help generate new possibilities pertaining to American companies and support new jobs at home. This specific regional trade agreement will market shared good results through expanding markets and also building a degree playing field pertaining to workers in each and also every nation that will participates."

38. Our challenge now is in order to broaden these benefits. 2011 will possibly be a pivotal 12 months pertaining to this agenda. For You To date, the TPP includes Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Peru, Vietnam and the United States."

32. As Well As when negotiated, this agreement will just take treatment of 40 percent in the world's total trade along with develop inside strong protections with regard to workers and the environment."

6. We mentioned developments in Fiji, and both New Zealand and in addition the United States Regarding America agree that the military junta must take steps to arrive back Fiji for you to democracy. November 14, 2012: Remarks Along With Australian Foreign Minister Robert Carr, Australian Protection Minister Stephen Smith, and also Secretary associated with Protection Leon Panetta"Our diplomats function side by simply side at regional organizations to address shared safety challenges and also hammer out new economic agreements, so we congratulate Australia upon turning out for you to be a new nonpermanent member of the particular Safety Council. Australia is definitely an crucial companion throughout negotiating the particular ambitious new multilateral trade deal referred in order to as Trans Pacific Partnership. in a speech in Singapore final week, I laid out America's expanding economic leadership within the region, from new trade agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership to stepped-up efforts upon behalf associated with American businesses."

"...We tend to be welcoming really our neighbors, including Canada and also Mexico, to the Trans-Pacific Partnership process. one of our own great projects within this century will most likely be to do exactly your same across the Pacific. We may in addition be stepping up our commercial diplomacy and also pursuing a new robust economic agenda with APEC. We aren't simply treaty allies; we have got been friends along with partners together with common passions along with shared values."

14. This will place in location strong protections for workers, the particular environment, intellectual property, and innovation -- almost all important American values. And Thus I am hoping that's what happens now -- let's take the lemons along with turn it straight into lemonade."

But as members in the Obama administration may attest, Clinton had been one of the leading drivers of the TPP when Secretary of State. January 31, 2013: Remarks about American Leadership at the Council in Foreign Relations"First and also foremost, this so-called pivot continues in order to be concerning imaginative diplomacy:Like signing the little-noted treaty associated with amity as well as cooperation with ASEAN that will opened the door to permanent representation along with ultimately elevated a forum with regard to engaging about high-stakes problems like the South China Sea. April 10, 2012: Forrestal Lecture in the Naval Academy "As component of that identical trip final November, the actual President built momentum for a fresh far-reaching trade agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership that we possess been negotiating using eight various other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. As Well As to create on political progress, we should support efforts for you to protect human legal rights along with promote open up societies." November 5, 2010: Christchurch Trade Reception Hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce"We are usually searching for approaches to broaden and deepen our economic ties along with develop about the strong groundwork we currently have. the foreign secretary raised the Philippines' curiosity about seeking passage with the Conserve our Industries Act, and also we now have conveyed that will message for the Usa Congress."

15. April 12, 2012: Remarks at the White house Conference upon Connecting your Americas "Now President Obama along with I have got mentioned many occasions this is likely to be America's Pacific century, along with we have been targeted around the broader Pacific. January 14, 2011: Inaugural Richard C. We still consult along with Japan. November 14, 2012: Remarks at the Opening in the AUSMIN Ministerial"That means finalizing the particular Trans-Pacific Partnership, that will lower trade barriers, raise labor and environmental standards, as well as drive growth throughout the region. Along With in fact, economists anticipate which Vietnam could be one regarding the countries under the actual Trans-Pacific Partnership for you to advantage your most. This kind of TPP sets the particular gold normal within trade agreements to spread out free, transparent, fair trade, the actual sort of environment which has the particular rule associated with law and a level playing field. the TPP is simply one element of our elevated emphasis around the Asia Pacific, but it is important that individuals recognize that the particular Japanese-American relationship is really in the cornerstone of almost all things we have been performing within the Asia Pacific. As your stakes grow higher, we must use our shared dedication to produce certain that we've maritime safety along with freedom associated with navigation. We discover this as one large region regarding our strategic focus. July 22, 2010: Remarks Together With Vietnam Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Gia Khiem"And I'm very much supportive of Vietnam's participation as a complete member within the Trans-Pacific Partnership. May 2, 2011: Remarks Using Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd after Their Own Meeting"And both of us understand the advantages of deeper economic integration as well as fair trade. We welcome a person's eye regarding any nation prepared to meet twenty-first century standards as embodied inside the TPP, including China."

5. We want to start to determine the Philippines be the component of the particular Trans-Pacific Partnership trade community. We involve some really exciting perform on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, enhancing trade and also investment (inaudible) that will promote closer cooperation."

40. Significantly of the eye to date may be on America's escalating military engagement. We see that like a pivotal yr to drive progress on internal economic changes which will open up much more markets and help make certain any growth is a excellent deal more sustainable as well as inclusive. I in addition urged in which Japan consider decisive actions so that it accedes to the Hague Convention about International Parental Kid Abduction as well as address outstanding cases."

20. We have to combat piracy together. Australia is a critical partner. As Well As it will cover emerging problems such because the connectivity of regional supply chains, your competitive impact associated with state-owned enterprises, that will create trade opportunities for more small-and-medium-sized businesses."

17. The Actual so-called TPP will lower barriers, raise standards, and drive long-term growth over the region. and as Secretary Panetta will explain, our military relationship can be deepening and turning into even more consequential."

25. We are cooperating on a complete array of issues, which includes moving forward on the high-quality trade agreement by means of your Trans-Pacific Partnership process."

19. December 19, 2011: Remarks Using Japanese Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba Right After Their Own Meeting"The minister as well as I also discussed any number of bilateral as well as regional problems and also reviewed the particular shut along with ongoing collaboration between Japan and in addition the United States of America within the aftermath involving last March's earthquake, tsunami, and also nuclear crisis. July 8, 2012: Remarks Along With Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba "We additionally discussed the opportunity strengthen our economic relationship, and the United States Regarding America welcomes Japan's fascination within the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which in turn we think will connect economies all through the particular region, creating trade as well as investment easier, spurring exports, creating jobs. Along With the foreign minister and in addition the prime minister along with I mentioned how to broaden this trade relationship, such as through the particular Trans-Pacific Partnership. November 29, 2012: Remarks in the Foreign Policy Group's "Transformational Developments 2013 Forum" "...let me supply five big-ticket agenda products that individuals absolutely possess to obtain correct as well. April 17, 2011: Remarks in the American Chamber associated with Commerce Breakfast"We is going to be internet hosting the particular 2011 APEC summit in Hawaii later this year. As Well As finally, we believe the united States along with Australia have been at the forefront regarding organize the entire region for your future."

35. January 12, 2010: Remarks on Regional Architecture inside Asia: Rules as well as Priorities"In addition, the United States Regarding America will be engaging in the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade negotiations as becoming a mechanism for improving linkages amongst many in the significant Asia-Pacific economies. starting with the Korea Free Regarding Charge Trade Agreement, continuing using the negotiation with the Trans-Pacific Partnership, working together with regard to monetary rebalancing at the G-20, and also culminating at the APEC Leaders Summit within Hawaii, we possess a historic chance to generate broad, sustained, and well-balanced growth throughout the Asia Pacific and we intend for you to seize that."

43. And Consequently I recognize a whole lot is anticipated involving you, but we're going being doing a lot more inside Malaysia. November 17, 2012: Delivering on the promise of Economic Statecraft "And along with Singapore along together with a expanding list of some other countries about both sides in the Pacific, we're generating progress towards finalizing the far-reaching new trade agreement referred to end up being able to as Trans-Pacific Partnership. We're excited concerning the innovative trade agreement referred to be able to as Trans-Pacific Partnership, as well as TPP. April 21, 2012: Keynote Address In Global Company Conference "Big or perhaps small, we're standing to get an economic system which benefits everyone, like when our Embassy within Manila labored together with Filipino authorities about new intellectual property protections as well as when our negotiators ensure that the brand new Trans-Pacific Partnership needs which state-owned enterprises compete under the identical guidelines as private companies."

18. This multilateral free involving charge trade agreement would carry collectively nine countries situated within the Asia Pacific region -- New Zealand and the United States, Australia, Chile, Singapore, Brunei, Peru, Vietnam, and Malaysia. November 4, 2010: Remarks Using New Zealand Prime Minister John Phillip Important and New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray Stuart McCully" Well, i want to claim that we discussed in several length, each the particular foreign minister as well as I and then your prime minister along with I, the way forward upon trade. Our developing trade across the region, including our interact for you to finalize the actual Trans-Pacific Partnership, binds our countries together, raises stability, as well as promotes security."

7. The Girl clearly did. As Well As by means of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, we're working together with Vietnam as well as seven some other nations in order to lower trade barriers throughout the region, even as ensure the highest standards pertaining to labor, environmental, and intellectual property protections. and we would like for you to expedite your negotiations just the maximum amount of as possible. We get immediate duties in which we possess to get regarding determining."

27. It's an ambitious multilateral free of charge trade agreement that would deliver with each and every other many more nations of the Pacific Rim. over time, we hope to provide the groundbreaking agreement that will connects countries as diverse as Peru along with Vietnam with America and Australia to create a brand name new totally free trade zone that will galvanize commerce, competition, as well as growth over the entire Pacific region."

34. In Which would bring economies through across the Pacific, developed and also developing alike, into a single trading community, not and then generate a lot more growth, but far better growth."

21. July 20, 2011: Remarks in India and the United States: A New Vision for that 21st Century"The united States will be pushing forward in comprehensive trade deals such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership as well as our free of charge trade agreement using South Korea. Our Free Regarding Charge Trade Agreement with South Korea, our dedication towards the Trans-Pacific Partnership, are evident demonstrations that we have been not only a resident military along with diplomatic energy in Asia, we're a new resident economic energy along with we are there for you to stay."

24. New Zealand warmly sports ths united States rebalancing towards the actual Asia-Pacific and we welcome the the possiblility to cooperate further. later today, I'll meet using nearby pearl vendors from this level within the Cook Islands that are running his or her companies although in addition protecting marine resources."

10. And Also we believe the Trans-Pacific Partnership can end up being a extremely exciting opportunity. Brazil, Mexico, and also Argentina within the G-20; Chile as well as Mexico inside the OECD; Chile and also Peru within the Trans-Pacific Partnership; and in supplement to Mexico within APEC, they're most helping to build a groundwork for well-balanced global growth, the transparent global economy, and broad-based opportunity. Within order to accomplish that, we have to become prepared to play. And Also nearly most of all, it means performing what you are generally doing best: build, hire, as well as grow."

9. More Than time, these actions will better situation the actual Philippines to turn out to be listed on the particular Trans-Pacific Partnership, which in turn we hope will dramatically boost trade along with investment on this list of peoples in the Pacific."

22. We recognize the actual mutual advantages of engagement between the Americas as well as the remaining portion involving the Pacific."

16. It's in addition regarding agreeing about the guidelines regarding the street with an integrated Pacific economy that is open, free, transparent, as well as fair. the TPP will deliver with every single other economies through throughout the Pacific, developed as well as developing alike, into a single twenty-first century trading community. so we're hoping for you to actually notice this agreement finalized and then watch it consider off."

13. July 13, 2012: Remarks towards the Lower Mekong Initiative Women's Gender Equality and Empowerment Dialogue "We've in addition produced workers legal rights any centerpiece of your new far-reaching trade agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership. "

31. Along With it includes, regarding course, operating closely collectively at the upcoming East Asia Summit to advance any shared agenda."

8. and the list goes on."

2. Any rules-based order will also be critical to end up being able to meeting APEC's goal of ultimately making a free involving charge trade location of the Asia Pacific."

23. Together, we're strengthening regional institutions like the East Asia Summit and ASEAN. Shanmugam"This is really a very consequential relationship. We are incredibly committed towards the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and New Zealand, again, is actually playing a new leading role. September 8, 2012: Remarks at APEC CEO Summit "That indicates pushing governments to support high-standard trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, for you to drop harmful protectionist policies. Canada along with Mexico have got already joined the particular original TPP partners. We discussed Japan's current transfer to pursue consultations in joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations to solve longstanding trade concerns in order to be able to deepen the cost-effective ties towards the advantage involving each our countries. We are also spending so a lot time around the trans-Pacific partnership, the leading edge regional totally free trade agreement that might eventually include an region accountable for over 40 percent regarding global trade."

30. Clinton ought to consider notice."

Clinton said, "there are the few specifics within that could and may be changed. and we blog aspire to finalize this agreement by the end in the year."

12. July 10, 2012: Remarks Using Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh Right After their Meeting "So we're working on expanding it through any far-reaching, new regional trade agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which may lower trade barriers although raising standards about every small thing through labor conditions to become able to environmental protection in order to intellectual property. January 18, 2013: Remarks Along With Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida "We in addition discussed the particular Trans-Pacific Partnership so we shared perspectives about Japan's feasible participation, because we think this holds out great economic possibilities to all participating nations."

3. October 14, 2011: Economic Statecraft 1 associated with America's fantastic successes of days gone by century was to create a strong network of relationships along with institutions over the Atlantic -- an investment that continues to settle today. Here are usually 45 instances when the lady approvingly invoked your trade bill regarding which usually she has become expressing concerns:

1. Mexico, regarding example, designed a crucial contribution towards the fight against climate change through its remarkable leadership within Cancun final year. March 9, 2011: Remarks in the First Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) for that Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum"The Usa can be creating essential progress on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, that will carry with every other nine APEC economies in the cutting-edge, next generation trade deal, one that aims in order to eliminate just about all trade tariffs through 2015 although improving supply change, saving energy, enhancing enterprise practices both through info technologies along with green technologies. February 1, 2012: Remarks Using Singaporean Foreign Minister as well as Minister regarding Law K. March 18, 2011: Remarks at the Middle with regard to Strategic along with International Studies (CSIS) about Latin America"As countries step up about the global stage, they'll create important contributions to become able to helping most of us meet one particular most important challenges. one advised me, "there was a quite strong concern concerning the lost work and also expanding income inequality," adding, pointedly: "Ms. that implies we have to check pertaining to even more the possiblility to boost trade and also investment among us. The Actual much more our countries trade as well as invest together with one another as well as together with additional partners, the more central the particular Asia Pacific region gets in order to global commerce as well as prosperity, and the much more curiosity we both have got within keeping stability along with security. November 16, 2011: Presentation of the Order involving Lakandula, Signing in the Partnership regarding Growth As Well As Joint Press Availability Using Philippines Foreign Secretary Albert Del Rosario"Together we hope to deliver an variety of advantages towards the people, such as a lot more foreign investment to create new jobs, a more streamlined court system that will deliver justice and protect neighborhood businesses, much better services, and more resources to fight poverty. Following very first dodging your issue, about Sunday in Iowa, Clinton said that "the President ought to pay interest to as well as perform along along with his allies within Congress, beginning together with (House Minority Leader) Nancy Pelosi, who have expressed his or her concerns in regards for you to the impact in which a new weak agreement could have on our workers, to create sure we get the best, strongest offer possible. Nevertheless it will be important that individuals furthermore emphasize the other elements of our own strategy. That indicates playing by the rules, respecting workers, as well as opening doors qualified women. The Particular Trans-Pacific Partnership, that is exploring ways to broaden opportunity, can be critical, as well as APEC as well as ASEAN are usually 2 other organizations where we work together."

29. November 15, 2012: Remarks at Techport Australia "...we need to keep upping our game each bilaterally and along with partners over the region by means of agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership or even TPP. We're operating along with Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Mexico, yet others during these negotiations."

11. October 28, 2010: America's Engagement inside the Asia-Pacific"We will in addition be pressing forward along with negotiations for that Trans-Pacific Partnership, an innovative, ambitious multilateral free trade agreement that would deliver collectively nine Pacific Rim countries, which includes 4 new totally free trade partners for the United States, as well as potentially other people inside the future. November 2, 2010: Townterview Hosted by simply Media Prima inside Malaysia"So inside our meetings along together with your government officials as well as in my conversation using the prime minister earlier today, we needless to say discussed our bilateral relationship however we additionally discussed the particular role which Malaysia can be playing within the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a manufacturer new free trade agreement that will enhance industry access, but inside addition working to aid Afghanistan and the individuals there using coaching as well as medical services."

41. July 10, 2012: Remarks from American Chamber regarding Commerce Reception and also Commercial Signings "Domestic as well as international organizations as well always face guidelines in which restrict his or her activities, and that, inside turn, deters investment as well as slows growth. Fifteen years ago, our bilateral trade was ready $450 million. The Actual multidimensional growth of our relationship together with Singapore can be an example of the value the united States sets in strengthening our engagement within the Asia Pacific. This kind of agreement is actually not just regarding removing barriers to always be able to trade, although that's crucial regarding boosting U.S. We wish to recognize the huge benefits via greater economic integration. We use a large amount of plans for educational exchanges. And Also we are providing to end up being able to assist together with capacity building, so that each country within ASEAN can easily ultimately join. August 31, 2012: Remarks Together With New Zealand Prime Minister Key PRIME MINISTER KEY: "Secretary Clinton and also I discussed the actual broad selection of problems inside the Asia Pacific region as we look in direction of the APEC summit within Russia throughout around 10 days time. September 15, 2011: Celebrating 60 years of the actual U.S.-Australia Alliance"We tend to be operating to end up being able to encourage trade by means of the particular Trans-Pacific Partnership along with through APEC, whose leaders the actual President will possibly be hosting this fall within Hawaii. Australia and the united States are assisting to lead individuals negotiations and we're in addition working through APEC, which in turn the particular Usa will host throughout Hawaii inside 2011. July 25, 2011: Remarks in Ideas for Prosperity within the Asia-Pacific"That may end up being the spirit behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the actual so-called TPP, which in turn we aspire to outline when regarding APEC in November, simply because this agreement will carry collectively economies via over the Pacificdeveloped as well as developing alikeinto the single trading community."

26. so we are encouraging your Government regarding Vietnam to aid keep about the path associated with economic along with administrative reform to spread out its markets to always be able to greater private investment. November 2, 2010: Remarks with Malaysian Foreign Minister Anifah Aman"Finally, we are pleased in which Malaysia joined final month's negotiations for your Trans-Pacific Partnership. Minister Rudd was extremely influential in assisting us to perform towards a new greater, more relevant involvement inside the Pacific-Asian institutions, such as joining the actual East Asian Summit. but remember, your Pacific runs from the Indian Ocean towards the western shores regarding Latin America. We've utilized trade negotiations over your Trans-Pacific Partnership to locate widespread ground with a former adversary inside Vietnam. That Will is truly a pact that would expand markets and produce a level playing field for people in every country which will participate. Since Vietnam embarks upon labor as well as other reforms, your American companies that tend to be purchasing Vietnam may supply expertise which will aid Vietnam's economic and also infrastructure development."

45. Much Better jobs with higher wages along with safer operating conditions, which includes for women, migrant workers among others too frequently in the past excluded in the formal economy may help build Asia's center class along with rebalance the particular global economy. to this end, we're working in order to ratify a free trade agreement along with South Korea, we're pursuing a new regional agreement using the nations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and also we realize that will that will help generate new work as well as opportunities here at home."

44. Simply By removing most tariffs as well as other trade barriers, as well as embracing productive policies upon competition, intellectual property, as well as government procurement, we are usually in the position to spur higher trade along with integration not merely on this list of participating countries, yet like a spur to the entire region."

36. Along With we agree around the importance regarding pursuing negotiations about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, that will give a free trade agreement with regard to nine countries over the region, which includes both involving ours. April 30, 2012: Remarks Using Secretary regarding Protection Leon Panetta, Philippines Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario, and Philippines Protection Secretary Voltaire Gazmin after His Or Her Meeting "Finally, we discussed the actual maturing economic relationship between our countries also as our shared resolve for enhanced development, trade, along with investment. That will take care of 40 percent with the world's total trade as well as set up strong protections with regard to workers and also the environment. Consequently we possess been exploring ways within which we can try to drive this agenda. However I understand when I depart tomorrow, the job to make those possibilities into realities falls to just about any or perhaps all associated with you. We're pushing for you to advance economic integration, remove trade barriers, as well as help make sure that our national laws series up inside a method that encourages trade. Trade promotion Event"Now, we've seen how bilateral trade rewards both sides. October 30, 2010:Remarks Using Vietnamese Foreign Minister Pham Gia Khiem"I n trade, our a pair of countries have got already made excellent progress. And Also this means that individuals work harder for you to broaden the particular great things about trade even beyond our two countries. November 3, 2010: Remarks at the Pratt & Whitney Trade Event"That is the purpose why the actual united States is actually extremely pleased simply by Malaysia's selection to participate the particular negotiations for your Trans Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership. I'm absolutely convinced that opening up markets within Asia amongst most of us along with carrying out consequently in the way that creates win-win situations in order that folks feel that trade is inside their interests."

37. May 17, 2011: Secretary Clinton's Remarks with New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully"We looked in advance for the East Asia summit where President Obama will participate for the initial time, and the united States sends our largest, most senior delegation ever towards the Pacific Island Forum throughout New Zealand later this year. Each in our countries will benefit. As Well As the economical analysis is the real fact that associated with all the countries that is going to be participating -- Australia, Canada, Mexico, other people -- involving all regarding the countries participating inside the TPP, Vietnam appears to become able to advantage the actual most. November 18, 2011: Remarks at ASEAN Company and Investment Summit"Now allow me to describe briefly 4 ways that we need to perform using you: first, through lowering trade barriers; second, by strengthening your investment climate; third, simply by pursuing commercial diplomacy; and also fourth, by simply supporting entrepreneurs. We hope being able to possess the negotiations complete when we all meet within Hawaii for APEC towards the finish regarding this year."

28. Throughout that will context, we discussed our ongoing efforts in order to negotiate, alongside a new variety of additional countries, the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement."


SECRETARY CLINTON: "I'm very dedicated to become able to expanding investment as well as trade in the region, inside pursuit of sustainable economic growth. We're making steady progress in this