Over the years, many doctors have come to me and said, Jay, Id like to get more new patients. Let me tell you: that is one of my absolute favorite things to hear! Do you know how many doctors just dont get how important new patients are to the growth and success of their practice? Its unreal! So, when someone comes to me about new patients of their own volition, needless to sayIm super psyched.

So, naturally, I say, Okay! Yeah! Lets get started! I let them know that were going to need to train their front desk personlets say her name is Mary and get her started using my proven, results-backed system instead of her old system. It makes sense right? Serious results require you to increase your engagement. Serious results require change.If weve perfected a system that has gotten incredible results in thousands of offices around the world a system that some people even say changed their lives (I know that sounds dramatic but Im dead serious!!)then why the heckwouldnt you jay geier atlanta want to use it?

Well, let me tell you what I see happen time and time again. The doctor delivers this message to Mary, and she becomes immediately defensive. She thinks Im trying to say she isnt a good worker. She doesnt want to make changes. So, she tells her doctor, Im not going to do that! My way works fine! Etc. etc. etc. Before you know it, the doctor no longer wants to participate! He wants nothing more to do with my new patient program.

But of course I know exactly whats going on. I can see that this doctor doesnt have the correct commitment.

Lets dig a little deeper https://www.facebook.com/Schedulinginstitute/reviews into this issue. What was the doctors actual commitment?

He was committed to making Mary happy even if it meant going bankrupt.He was committed to not ruffling any feathers.He was committed to being comfortable and safe.He was committed to a non-confrontational existence.

Okay, well thats fine! But heres the deal

You will not grow your business if these are your commitments. If I were to meet with you today, I could interview you for half an hour and discover all of your commitments. I could look at your schedule, your finances, interview your family and your staffall of these things would reveal your true commitment. It might be much different than you say it is Is it all about the clinical work? Is it about not disrupting a sensitive staff member? Or is it about growing your business, pushing your boundaries, and reaching your full potential?

The point is, you need to stop making excuses and commit to doing whatever it takes.

If you come to me saying, I want more new patients, I promise that I can get you there. My team and I have done it thousands of times. But you have to be COMMITTED to the results and to following through on the process. You have to be committed to growing. Because if you think about the things youve truly committed to in your life, youll realize youve beenfor the most partextremely successful in these areas. Your Practice, income, etc. match up to your level of commitment.

So ask yourself, do you have a commitment problem? Do you need to re-examine your true commitments?

Ill leave you with that thought for today. I hope youre having a productive week!

Talk to you soon.


Jay Geier

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