Wow! I am seeking the same thing also!!!

. Can any person please inform us just what anime is this?

. I remember watching it when I was a child and it was referred to as in Cantonese.


- If I keep in mind appropriately the robot is white and have some yellow on it.

.- There is a girl that falls and remains on his face as well as he maintains remembering her underwears afterwards. (something like that)

.- As well as yes, he manages the robot by packing his hands right into some black sphere thingy inside the robot's cockpit.

. -If I'm not incorrect the robots have a little longer legs from the total proportion.


- There is an enemy which does not have legs, purple floating robot?

* I am trying to remember Big Blue Robot each detail after seeing in this manner back when I was a youngster, so if there is any errors please remedy me. Many thanks! =-RRB-< a href='' >