I agree with Realtoratheart. I am a former Prudential agent and currently a RE/MAX agent. The Prudential office I was in had a career development program for the new agents. Some RE/MAX offices are taking new agents. In fact, our office has in the past with the previous Broker of Record, but there was resentment among the existing agents because the new agents would come to the "experienced" agents for help.

Because it can be more expensive going with a RE/MAX office versus the "other" brokerages, I suggest you interview not only the https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyZQCEWekAFUQPpHeMDGIcg various brokerages, but https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flip_Men ask for references with some of their new agents who have been with them already for six or more months. Another suggestion would be to go with a brokerage who has major market share in your local area. It's through those listings that lead activity occurs within each office...and leads is what it's all about to make it in this business.

Best of luck!